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Shoals Counseling, LLC
Providing Care for Your Personal Well Being
(256) 740-1865

254 Seville Street Suites, Suite 7
Florence, AL, 35630
United States of America

Additional Business Information for Shoals Counseling, LLC

Shoals Counseling in Florence AL, 35630, (256) 740-1865, offers counseling services for people needing counseling in Florence, AL, and counseling in Muscle Shoals, AL. Located in Florence, Alabama, Shoals Counseling, LLC, is the counseling practice of Associate Licensed Counselor, Mikki Lawrence, MA under the supervision of Licensed Professional Counselor, Roxie Kay Parker, LPC., Supervising Counselor. Thanks for visiting this Muscle Shoals Alabama Counseling business card.
Counseling & Mental Health